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Cricket is a sport that's been around for many years. And it's currently a very popular sport played in dozens of countries and is older than football (soccer). Even though some people say that game is not easy to understand and boring and quite slow, it according to me isn't. That game is very much like baseball but different in it's sense. Cricket is a wonderful sport game played between two bands of 11 players. There are quite a few variations of cricket played on the planet such as beach cricket and indoor cricket, and all kinds of online games that were based on cricket. I like the game because it's amusing and quite quick. I use every possible occasion to enjoy a cricket match. There are thousands of cricket fans in the land where I live, which is in fact India. A number of teams are in each bigger town. Players of all ages play each and every day to be better at playing this sport. When there is a cricket match, it is like a holiday. You can enjoy browser cricket games and share your results with other people.

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