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bathtub,shower,tile,refinishing,dallas Bathtub Refinishing,Dallas,Mesquite,Garland has serviced the Dallas area since 1992. Bathtub Refinishing,Dallas,Mesquite,Garland uses the Fusion Finish process of etching beneath the old surface, then applying fusion lock molecular bonding solution. This combined technique allows me to bond the new surface into, not onto the old surface. After the molecular bonding agent melts into the open pores created through the etching process I can then apply the synthetic porcelain. After making sure the old surface has been penetrated the finishing process is to use synthetic porcelain finish coat to give the look, gloss and feel of porcelain. Synthetic Porcelain contains additives of liquid glass and fiberglass resin . This is the closest we can get to actual porcelain that is fired at 1800 degrees. The Fusion Finish process is always backed by a warranty and since Fusion Finish is an owner / operated business you get the peace of mind knowing it is being applied correctly. bathtub refacing Dallas

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