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With many professionals using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software as an essential tool to perform their highest quality work, the demand for efficient and easy to use CAD software is a major one. Some of those professions include architects, engineers and interior designers, yet there are a lot more professionals that can benefit from this sort of software too.

The very first major advantage of low cost CAD software is that it can save you money. This seems like a very obvious point to produce, but it's worth bearing in your mind that the savings which can be made are particularly significant and extend over an extended period. There are numerous cad software like ActCAD which is founded on Intellicad with lots of Add-ons and improvements.

The DWG file extension is the native format for a number of CAD packages including AutoCAD, Intellicad (and its variants like ActCAD), and PowerCAD. File extension DWG is supported non-natively by several hundred other software applications. DWG is among the most de facto standard for CAD drawing interoperability all over the world in its industry.

ActCAD is a group of specialist developers of Intellicad CAD software for architectural design, construction design, bespoke engineering, structural engineering and other purposes.ActCAD works on a collaborated development model with IntelliCAD and hence we offer our products at suprisingly low prices. All ActCAD licenses are perpetual and valid for life time. ActCAD products contain high quantities of automation to minimise repetitive design processes, enabling one to optimise design efficiency, quality and accuracy, whilst reducing the marketing time of your brand-new ideas. ActCAD currently supplies a 30 day full version free trial of its premium CAD program. To learn more and to claim your free trial offer products, please go to the ActCAD website at

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